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Gracie Magazine Issue 217 May 2015

Gracie Magazine Issue 217 May 2015

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Gracie Magazine, also known as GracieMag is probably the oldest and most known publication for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ).
RoninWear is an official Gracie Magazine associate member (GMA Associate).
English edition.
For the moment, we only have 10 units available every month, don't miss yours!.

Issue 217, May 2015, between other articles, you may find:

- GM #217: MMA Yes / No:  Know the benefits and risks of including it in your training routine and find out how it can sharpen your Jiu-Jitsu

- Healthy diet: The granddaughter of Carlos Gracie shares a recipe designed to boost your energy and balance your body.

- Example: A 77 year old brown belt will inspire you with his story of dedication and love for the gentle art.

- Technique: Ben Henderson and Augusto Tanquinho teach five positions born in the cage and perfect for the mat.

- Game Of Thrones: New and veteran black belt monarchs use all their might to triumph at the battles of the 2015 Pan.

- GMA Gracie Magazine Associates: All the latest updates on our members from all around the world.
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Antonio A.
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10/06/2015 (ES)
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